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We cater to industrial and logistic enterprises as our valued clients. Leveraging our extensive experience in collaborating with the global B2B sector, we grasp your requirements and aspire to be your ideal collaborator in advancing your business. We highly value your time and assure you that by engaging our services, you can focus on business development while we efficiently handle the tasks at hand.


Welcome to Qadrats, your premier destination for brand personalization through website production. With a laser focus on product management and tailored personalization requests, we're dedicated to crafting compelling online experiences for our clients.

At Qadrats, we don't just build websites; we curate digital spaces that reflect your brand identity and engage your audience. From dynamic webshops to captivating front pages, we're deeply involved in every step of the process, ensuring professional results day in and day out.

Our extensive portfolio spans across regions, catering to clients in Europe and Asia. We embrace multicultural perspectives and visions, leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge servers to deliver the optimal solution for each unique case.

With our top-notch team and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Qadrats is committed to bringing your brand's digital presence to life. Let's collaborate and create the perfect online platform to showcase your vision to the world.

The Apps

If your company is seeking engineering solutions to enhance its online or offline presentation through mobile gadgets, look no further. Our company specializes in turning your digital aspirations into reality. By crafting customer apps tailored to your needs, we ensure that end-users are not just satisfied but delighted to engage with your brand's offerings and services. Let's collaborate to create a seamless and immersive experience for your customers, elevating your company's presence in the digital landscape.

Qadrats products

Our company is excited to announce the development of our latest innovation, the Product Utilization and Customer Relationship Management (PUCRM) system. With PUCRM, you'll gain unprecedented insights into the usage patterns of your goods, enabling you to track usage steps, analyze upcoming demand, and forecast future purchases with precision.

This cutting-edge technology is poised to become a trusted ally for both sales and procurement teams. By fostering deep cooperation between departments, PUCRM ensures that neither side loses valuable time or money due to underutilization of equipment or goods.

Moreover, we're thrilled to announce that the PUCRM app will be available on all possible PCs and tablets by the middle of 2024. This means seamless access to critical data and insights wherever you are, empowering your team to make informed decisions on the go. With PUCRM, maximize the efficiency of your operations and stay ahead of the curve in meeting customer demand

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